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Why am I running?


The most important government is local government. It has the greatest impact on our day-to-day living. The City Council sets policies which guide the future changes that impact all the individuals who live here. City government’s obligation is to provide its citizenry with Safety, Security and Community. There is a Compact between the citizens and government: Payment of taxes = providing services

Safety is clearly paramount.  Fire and police protection is essential for our safety at home, on street, in car, at school, or anywhere in our city.

Security is about what is happening now, but more importantly what the future will be like.  Security is sense of well being and the feeling that things will be good in the future.

Economic security We should be assured that tax dollars are carefully spent for the benefit of the whole community. Protecting jobs that pay for the home. Protecting and promoting the value of everyone's property. Protecting our neighborhoods against negative changes. Providing the security that comes with knowing that there will be good jobs, high quality of life, and opportunity for the next generation.  We need to be able to keep our young talent here by having a growing and vibrant city where they feel they belong.

Community is a sense of belonging. It involves neighbors and neighborhood. South Ward is not an island unto itself, it exists as part of the greater whole.  Residents of the South Ward, work, shop, visit and travel through other parts of the city. City Council members must represent (and advocate for) the individual Wards but the Council must also continually consider the broader good for Winston-Salem as a whole.

We are a great city, but we should always strive to do better. We should provide a quality of life for all our residents that reflects the aspiration of Winston-Salem of being the City of Arts and Innovation.