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Now that the democratic candidate has been selected for the fall general election, we will begin to work on reaching the full electorate. We know that everyone living in the south ward supports our goals of having a strong and vibrant community. John has already demonstrated support from across the community and across political affiliations, which will continue to a successful fall election that is based on effectively addressing local needs.

Another difference between Larson and Highsmith is the Larson campaign will not litter the public highways and streets of the South Ward with political signs.  South Ward deserves better.  We will not only follow the ordinances for sign placement in the public right of way, our signs are placed only in the yards of property owners who support our effort. If you should see otherwise, notify us and we shall have it removed.  That is our philosophy and policy.  South Ward Forward June 7th!

I would like to state a few points for the record. When I opted to protest the March 15th Primary results in Raleigh, one of my primary reasons was to bring existing flaws in our election process to light so that the effort could be made to correct them and allow every vote to count.

My opponent's recent speech in front of the County Commissioners seems to be a continued attempt to build dissension instead of consensus. First, she accused the voters of being at fault for receiving the wrong ballot (State Board of Elections Review, April 6, 2016) and further stated that their 31 votes were "statistically insignificant" and should not be considered. We still believe that every vote counts and every vote should be counted. The NC State Board of Election unanimously agreed and ordered a new primary on June 7th. Now my opponent is suggesting that the taxpayers should pay her (and me) one dollar for each person that voted as some sort of compensation. I would not assign a dollar value to an individual’s vote and would not ask the taxpayers of Forsyth County to compensate the candidates.

What has happened to the idea that this race is about service to the South Ward and Winston-Salem? My campaign has worked with Tim Tsujii to identify Election Day voting issues so that positive solutions can be found and future elections made more efficient. We did that as a service to the citizenry of the city and the county as a whole. It will make a difference; we don’t need a punitive approach to make positive change. Working together is better than confrontation and assigning blame to precinct volunteers.

I am running for City Council with the hope that you will give me the privilege of serving you, the constituents of South Ward. If elected, I will serve with the mission of achieving positive results for the common good. Thank you!

We are happy that the Winston-Salem Journal recognized the strengths and ability of John as the best choice in the Democratic primary. Early voting starts today and we hope that everyone will participate. The polling is at the County Building, but on March 7 the Southside Library will open as a polling location too. Thank you for all the support and enthusiasm that has been expressed.

Likewise the Chronicle has identified John as the best candidate to represent the South Ward.

John is making his way through neighborhoods in the South Ward. He is going door-to-door to meet neighbors and talk to them about their concerns. On Sunday afternoons there are also small events being hosted by neighbors at their homes to meet John. Check the listing on the front page for dates and hosts of upcoming meetings. Just send us an email to get more details for an event in your neighborhood. On January 24, an event hosted by Molly Leight will be at the Gateway YWCA to which all residents of the South Ward are welcome to come meet the candidate, pick up a yard sign, or just find a way to volunteer. Hope to see you at one of the events.